Buddhist Psychotherapy for Ministering to the sick and the Terminally Ill - Public Talk by Prof. Wasantha Priyadarshana 「為侍奉病者與身患絕症人士之佛教心理治療」華辛德‧彼雅德西那 (春目欣) 教授公開講座

As it is discussed in many places of early Buddhist suttas, it is very clear that Buddhist psychology is consistent with the idea of the transformation of terminally-ill patient. Therefore, the main objective of this public talk is to discuss the applicability and practicability of Buddhist Psychotherapy towards the unsettling issues likewise dying and living. 早期經典討論清晰反映佛教心理治療與轉化身患絕症病人並無抵觸。講座將聚焦討論佛教心理治療對生死等不安事件的適用性及實踐性。

Speaker 講者

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"Meditation in the Tibetan Tradition: The View, The Path, and the Result" Public Talk by Dr G. T. Halkias Halkias 「藏傳佛教禪修:理解、途徑與成果」黑爾其亞士博士公開講座

Tibetan Buddhism is characterized by a diverse corpus of contemplative practices that draws from over one thousand years of Indian historical developments in Buddhist philosophical discourse and experimentation with contemplative techniques. In order to offer a general and useful overview of meditations this lecture will resort to emic categories of classification in order to come to appreciate how Tibetan scholars and practitioners have organized and understood the rich Buddhist heritage they have inherited. 西藏佛教取自印度超過一千年佛教哲學話語及禪修實踐歷史發展之多樣禪修實踐文集。

「說一切有部四無量的修學體系」惟善法師/教授公開講座 (只設網上實時直播)

由於公眾活動影響,本週六 (八月三十一日)下午三時正至五時正舉行之手「說一切有部四無量的修學體系」惟善法師/教授公開講座將改以網上實時直播形式進行,參加者無需於當天來臨中心,可於家中或任何網絡訊號接收良好之場所收看實時直播:




The Way to obtain Benefits through Practice of Buddhism - Public Talk by Ven. Prof. N. Gnanaratana Thero

It is recorded that at the end of Buddha's first sermon, many beings including five ascetics had been able to realise the truth. This indicates that even the first sermon was enough to get the final result of practicing Buddhism. Today, many people spend thousands of hours in reading books and listening to sermons but seem to achieve no intended advancement. This talk discusses what is wrong and shows guidance for right practice.


Buddhist Counselling and Mindfulness Retreat - by Prof. Wasantha Priyadarshana

Prof. P R Wasantha Priyadarshana received a PhD in 2008 with a dissertation entitled “Buddhist Therapy of Mental Diseases” (A Study of Psychoanalysis and Behaviour Therapy as Depicted from Tipitaka Literature). He is currently a Professor of Buddhist Culture, and was the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Counselling and Master

二零一九/二零年度文學碩士 (佛學) (中文媒介) 及 巴利文暨佛學文憑 (中文媒介) 第二次簡介會


日期: 二零一九年七月二十七日 (星期六)
時間: 下午三時正至五時正
地點: 香港佛法中心
香港德輔道西四百一十號太平洋廣場二十八樓 (近香港大學港鐵站B2出口)
語言: 粵語
查詢: +852 2673 0001 /


學術研究方向 : 絲路佛教石窟藝術、敦煌佛教藝術與文化、敦煌與吐魯番佛教寫經書法研究。