Live Streaming for 26 May Public Talk at HKU on Youtube 「金剛佛法」公開講座Youtube現場直播

For the benefit of global audience not stationing in Hong Kong, the public talk by Venerable Professor Dhammajoti will be live on Youtube at 7:00pm on 26 May 2018. Below please find the link to the Youtube channel:

There may be occasional signal interruptions due to network instability. Kindly accept our apologies should you experience viewing problems on the day.

The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong

考慮全球觀眾,法光法師/教授二零一八年五月二十六日晚上七時正之「金剛佛法」公開講座將現場經Youtube 直播。以下為當天直播之連結: