BDCHK Library Catalogue (English Books) as at 2 Sept 2019

We are happy to announce that we have completed revamping our library for English language books and journals. The books and journals in our library available for lending are compiled in the file attached. You may search according to book title, author or call number.

As with standard practice, 'A' and 'The' are excluded from book titles if they are the first words of the titles.
- Example 1: 'The Life of the Buddha' is recorded as 'Life of the Buddha' .
- Example 2: ' A Manual of Abhidhamma' is recorded as 'Manual of Abhidhamma'.

We hope that the current collection will go some way towards helping you to search for materials for your essays and theses.

We are still in the process of adding more books to our library, and hope that in due course, most of the books you need for your studies are available. (The Chinese books and journals are still being indexed.)

Here are some lending rules to observe:

1. We go by an honesty system, which means when you borrow a book, you need to fill in the loan sheet at the back of every book. Please do not take any book out of the library without filling in the loan sheet.
- The sheet requires you to give your name, your contact number, date of borrowing and returning.
- Books are loaned out for 3 weeks at a stretch, so please add in the appropriate return day.
- Place the loan sheet in a box marked "Loan Sheet Box". If you can't find the box, please check with the office.
- We hope the books can be made available to all students. Provided no one has requested for the book, please send Andrew an email if you wish to extend the lending period.

2. Return policy: Please return any borrowed book to the office so that someone actually knows you have returned the book.

Here are a couple of clarifications:

1. At this stage, borrowing is only allowed for current and past students of our Postgraduate and Diploma programmes.
Maximum no. of books allowed: 3 books

2. Current Occasional Students may borrow 1 book at any one time.

3. For non-students of the Centre, permission is to be sought from the Centre Director .

4. Borrowing sheet of each book must be passed to office staff for status verification.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Library Catalogue (English Books) (As at 2 Sept 2019)

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