Investigating Principles: International Aspects of Buddhist Culture - Essays in Honour of Professor CHARLES WILLEMEN

Investigating Principles: International Aspects of Buddhist Culture - Essays in Honour of Professor CHARLES WILLEMEN
Editors Professor Lalji ‘Shravak’ and Dr. Supriya Rai
The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2019
ISBN 978-988-16820-3-1


Preface xiii-xiv

Professor Charles Willemen : A Biographical Note and Academic Contributions Lalji ‘Shravak’ and Supriya Rai xv-xxvi

1. Comparing the Tibetan and Chinese Parallels to the Culavedalla-sutta Bhikkhu Anålayo 01-36
2. A Localization of Buddhism and its Influence to Chinese Culture Cheng Jianhua 37-44
3. Wei shu 魏書, chapter 114: Treatise on Buddhism and Taoism 釋老志 (Translation) Dominik Declercq 45-133
4. Adhimukti, Meditative Experience and Vijñaptimātratā KL Dhammajoti 135-172
5. The influence of Kumārajiva’s Questionable Translations on Zhiyi’s doctrine of Calming (Śamatha) and Contemplation (Vipaśyanā) Fan Muyou 173-186
6. The Orientation and Transformation of Contemporary Chinese Buddhist Temples Huang Xianian 187-200
7. A Study of Violence (Himsa) and Conflict Resolution in Theravada Buddhism Bimalendra Kumar 201-209
8. Chinese Translation of Buddhist Texts and Translation Style of Kumārajiva Lalji ‘Shravak’ 211-224
9. An Improved Critical Edition of Maitreyavyakarana in Gilgit Manuscript Zhen Liu 225-244
10. Sanskrit Usnisavijayadharani Inscriptions and Buddhist Funerary Practices in Dali/Yunnan Bill M. Mak 245-276
11. The Mantra and Grammar: A Linguistic Dimension of Extraordinary Language Richard K. Payne 277-288
12. On Buddhist Methodology Hari Shankar Prasad 289-314
13. The Envisaged Critics of Nagārjuna in his Vigrahavavyavartani : Who are They? C. D. Sebastian 315-332
14. Economic Conflict Resolution: A Buddhist Perspective H.S. Shukla 333-347
15. Tibetan Buddhist Polemics on the ‘Two Truths’ Doctrine as Related to the “Extended Everett’s Concept” by M. Mensky Andrey A. Terentyev 349-362
16. Conceptual Analysis in the Kathāvatthu with Special Focus on the Debate on Puggala (Puggala-kathā) Asanga Tilakaratne 363-382
17. A Question Concerning the Title of the Prajñāpāramitāhrdaya[-sutra]: Is the Prajñāpāramitāhrdaya [-sutra] a Sutra that Advocates Emptiness or a Dhārani (Mantra)? Watanabe Shogo 383-396
18. Nine Similes of Tathāgatagarbha in Tathāgatagarbhasutra and the Six Similes of Buddhānusmrti in Guanfo sanmei hai jing Nobuyoshi Yamabe 397-419
19. Gautama’s Earliest Wanderings: Some Narrative Scenes in Nagarjunakonda and Ajanta Monika Zin 421-436

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