“佛學而學佛, 學佛而佛學”── 如何從零開始入佛法之門


(1) 第一場座談會 (2017.1.7, 星期六, 7.00-9.00pm)

• 佛學, 學佛和修行的初步理解
• 零的佛學或學佛經驗是好的開始
• 卻步是入門的障礙
• 聽課如聞佛法, 作業如考功夫
• 佛法基礎的要義

(2) 第二場座談會 (2017.1.15, 星期曰, 4.30-6.30pm)

• 佛學做就[個己性] (true individuality)
• 2017的[逆流而行]
• 從佛法中自利利他, 從圓滿慈悲中實踐生存意義
• 愛護自己的傳統, 超越自己的傳統
• 向佛陀學習的正信

座談會主持: 阮曼華博士

地點: 香港佛法中心 香港德輔道西410號太平洋廣場28樓


Channel B Interviews of Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti, MA Current Students and Alumnus on Buddhistdoor

We are pleased to introduce the series of interviews entitled “佛學而學佛” of Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti, (Episodes 7 – 8) the current students (Alice, Janet, Choy Peng, Ada and Rupert) and alumnus (Wilson) of the Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (MA) programme (Episodes 1-6), hosted by Gerald and KC on Channel B of Buddhistdoor website in Cantonese, sharing their personal stories and experiences in studying the MA programme at BDCHK. Please find below the link to episodes on their channel:

Interview on Venerable Proefssor K L Dhammajoti on Buddhistdoor “學佛而佛學,佛學而學佛:法光法師基於「五根」的教育理念”

We would like to share with you an article by Buddhistdoor in Chinese entitled “學佛而佛學,佛學而學佛:法光法師基於「五根」的教育理念”. The article introduces the philosophy of integrating Dharma practice with Buddhist Studies proposed by Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti, as well as the vision and mission of The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong. Please refer to the article on Buddhistdoor website below:

Interview of Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti by Buddhist in Hong Kong (《香港佛教》)

We would like to share with you an interview of Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti by Buddhist in Hong Kong (《香港佛教》) magazine, appearing on their Nov 2016 (678) Issue entitled “法光法師: 所到之處皆佛理” . Our curtesy to Buddhist in Hong Kong of Hong Kong Buddhist Association for allowing us to share the article.


Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies commences -
17 January!


Gathering for Consecration of New Premise (2 October)

As most of you would have been aware, we have relocated to our new premises since 16 September. We'd like to invite you to a simple gathering to consecrate the new premises on 02 October, 2016 (Sunday). Schedule as follows:

Date: 02 September, 2016 (Sunday)
11 am: A short speech (by Ven Prof Dhammajoti), followed by buddha-pūjā and blessings
12 noon: Simple lunch.
Venue: Our new premises, at 28/F, Pacific Plaza (太平洋廣場), Des Voeux Road West, Western District

All are welcome.

Reading Buddhist Texts in Classical Chinese (8 Sept - 24 Nov 2016)

This course is designed for Buddhists in Hong Kong who may know every Chinese character in a text yet find it difficult to comprehend because of its classical grammar and terminology and have to resort to an English translation of the Chinese Buddhist canon. It aims to teach Buddhist Chinese syntax, grammar, terms and the corresponding Sanskrit expressions so that students can gain a better understanding of Buddhist canonical texts in Classical Chinese.



日期: 二零一六年九月一日 (星期四)
時間: 晚上七時正至八時正
地點: 香港佛法中心
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