「療癒內在小孩」工作坊 (二零一八年二至三月)

我們很多情緒源於不接受自己,不懂得愛自己而未能真正愛別人,從而面對人際關係不和諧而帶來的痛苦。身心靈師何惠珠(汪橋)融合心理輔導經驗及禪修體驗,將在這個工作坊探索影響我們情緒的「内在小孩」,並以多個練習引導大家與自己的身心和好,與身邊的人和好。這個工作坊會以導師何惠珠(汪橋)所翻譯一行禪師的書——《和好 療癒你的內在小孩》作爲學員們閲讀分享的參考書,讓學員們深入了解自己内在的小孩。

這個工作坊會以導師何惠珠(汪橋)所翻譯一行禪師的書——《和好 療癒你的內在小孩》作爲學員們閲讀分享的參考書,讓學員們深入了解自己内在的小孩。

日期:        二零一八年二月二十四、三月三日、十日及(17日停課修習)二十四日(逢星期六) 共四節

時間:        下午三時正至五時正

上課地點:  香港佛法中心
                    香港德輔道西410號太平洋廣場28樓 (香港大學港鐵站B2出口)


Second Briefing Session for 2018 Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (MA) programme by Venerable Dhammajoti on 10 February 2018 (Saturday)

The second briefing session of the 2018 Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (MA) programme will be conducted by Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti. It offers an opportunity for the intended applicants to directly ask questions regarding the programmes.

Details as follows:

History of the University of Kelaniya and its contribution to International Buddhist Scholarship - Public Talk by Professor D. M. Semasinghe, Vice-Chancellor, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Prof. Semasinghe holds a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. The University of Kelaniya, formerly known as the Vidyalanāra University of Sri Lanka, has been a Centre of Excellence of Buddhist Studies since 1875.

Date:        13 January 2018 (Saturday)

Time:        5:00 - 6:00 pm

Venue:      The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong
                 28/F Pacific Plaza, 410 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong


文學碩士(佛學) (中文媒介) 二零一七至一八年度下學期時間表

文學碩士(佛學) (中文媒介) 仍接受全日制及兼讀制逾期申請及單科選讀(非正規)生申請。


文學碩士(佛學) (中文媒介)所有科目第一課為公開免費課,歡迎公眾旁聽及參與。

查詢:+852 2673 0001 /


Gross National Happiness: Buddhism, Sustainability, and Social Engagement in Bhutan

A Public Talk by Dr Tashi Zangmo
Director of The Bhutan Nuns Foundation

The remote Himalayan nation of Bhutan is often known as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” thanks to its famous Gross National Happiness philosophy, which emphasizes sustainability, conservation, cultural preservation, and good governance.

Theravāda Analysis of Meritorious Deeds – Public Talk by Dr Ashoka Welitota

Early Theravāda sources refer to three bases of meritorious deeds: generosity (dāna), morality (sīla) and meditation (bhāvanā). This number is increased to ten or twelve in its exegetical literature. Hence a discussion is needed to understand how exegetes increased the number and subsumed newly added bases under three bases of meritorious deeds: generosity, morality and meditation.

Wholesome action of wonderful sounds: Breath, music and awareness - A Demonstration by HakGwai 善行妙音──呼吸、音樂與覺知

HakGwai is a musician, educator and street performer in Hong Kong. A proficient player of Chinese and indigenous instruments, he has performed in many arts and music events, including Clockenflap, “Dear Friend” concert, and the 36th Hong Kong Film Festival. As an educator, he has conducted workshops in Asia, the United States and Australia. In 2014, he released an album “HakGwai”, which was a masterful blending of East and West, ancient and modern. “Spirituality and well-being” is his life mantra and motivation behind his craft.