Happiness: Rethinking from a Buddhist Perspective - Public Talk by Dr Ashoka Welitota

Most paths pursued to gain happiness lead only to temporary happiness. Hence, the general assumption is that happiness cannot be achieved as it turns into otherwise. Buddhism, from its inception, has been aware of this issue and it has been discussed in various suttas. The Maṅgalasutta of the Suttanipāta, for example, not only analyzes this issue but also lays down the path to gain happiness and to retain it at every phase of life. The present lecture discusses this issue and the path to happiness focusing its attention mainly on this sutta and its commentary.





日期: 二零一九年三月三十日 (星期六)

時間: 下午三時正至五時正 (煩請提前最少十五分鐘到場)

地點: 香港佛法中心
香港德輔道西410號太平洋廣場28樓 (近香港大學港鐵站B2出口)

主辦: 香港佛法中心

語言: 粵語

《法光法師的使命:法光法師訪問及講座選錄》(二零一九年版) 電子版

香港佛法中心同學會出版之《法光法師的使命:法光法師訪問及講座選錄》(二零一九年版) 電子版已上傳,煩請登入以下網址下載: (二零一九年版)


Introducing Pāli (19 February - 7 May 2019)

Introducing Pāli

This is an elementary Pāli course for anyone who is interested in learning the ancient Buddhist language. It is a course designed for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Students will learn basic Pāli grammar, and be guided in understanding some simple Pāli texts. At the end of the course, students will be able to read some simple Pāli texts.

This course provides a solid foundation for ME 67 Readings in Pali Suttas I & II in the Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies programme.

Date:        19 February – 7 May 2019 (Every Tuesday)

Dharma Talk on Kālachakra Tantra and Meditation in the Mantra of Compassion 時輪密法公開講座與大悲咒禪修

Among all Unexcelled Yoga Tantras, the Kalacakra tantric tradition brings unique perspectives on the nonduality of cosmos, society, and an individual. It integrates diverse fields of Buddhist knowledge into its theory and practice. Like other tantras if it class, it also integrates the system of Perfections as taught in the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras with an esoteric tantric system. This lecture will discuss the uniqueness of the Kalacakratantra’s cosmology, perspectives on the concept of cosmological and personal time as manifesting in a human body.



佛教的業力論,為人類存在的困境及其超越之可能,提供了最令人滿意的解說。儘管各種佛教學派的教義發展有所不同,但都始終一致地把其業論闡述為符合緣起中道(pratītya-samutpāda)的教理,而遠離宿命論和絕對自由意志的兩個極端。我們各自的業,與人類的共業,共同決定了人類經驗的根本形體 —— 儘管這決定並非是絕對的。這種對我們存在的整體性的決定,給了我們解脫的希望,也帶來了挑戰與固有的障礙。



Reading Buddhist Pali Texts: An Elementary Grammatical Guide (2nd Ed.)

Reading Buddhist Pāli Texts: An Elementary Grammatical Guide (2nd Ed.)
Author: Venerable Professor K L Dhammajoti
Publisher: The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong
(Hong Kong, December 2018). pp. 380++ ISBN: 978-988-16820-1-7

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