Ullambana 2016

The Ullambana Ceremony will be conducted at Āloka Vihāha, Kowloon, on 4 September 2016 from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm.

This is a precious occasion for making offerings (food, monastic requisites, etc.) to the Saṅgha and transferring the merits accrued for the alleviation of sufferings to the deceased relatives.

Occasional Students Invites Enrolment – Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies

NO PREREQUISITE on academic qualifications.
NO examination requirement
Certificate of completion will be issued by Postgraduate Institute of Pāli and Buddhist Studies.
For those who have fulfilled the assessment requirement, the grade will be indicated in the Certificate.
Tuition fee: $6,000 per course unit



日期: 二零一六年七月二十二日 (星期五)
時間: 晚上七時正至八時正
地點: 香港佛法中心
查詢: / +852 2673 0001



文學碩士(佛學)及佛學學士後文憑 (以中文授課及考核) Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies (Chinese Medium)


香港佛法中心舉辦之文學碩士(佛學) (Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies)佛學學士後文憑(Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies) 課程,從二零一六年十月起,將以中文及英文兩種教學媒介授課及考核。新設之中文媒介課程將於二零一六年十月開課。

碩士或學士後文憑課程學歷資格不足者,歡迎報讀為單科選讀(非正規)生 (Occasional Student),每科收費為港幣六千元正。


Good News!

NEW PUBLICATION: Journal of Buddhist Studies (Vol. XII, 2014–2015)

Journal of Buddhist Studies (Vol. XII, 2014–2015)

The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong is pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the Journal of Buddhist Studies (Volume XII, 2014–2015).

Journal of Buddhist Studies, Vol. XII (2014–2015). Edited by Bhikkhu K L Dhammajoti. Published by the Centre for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka and The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong. pp. 317++ ISBN 978-988-16820-1-7


Praising the Buddha: Stotras in Mahāyāna Dharmaparyāyas           1
            Peter SKILLING

New Course: Introducing Buddhist Sanskrit

GOOD NEWS for those interested in learning Buddhist Sanskrit!

This introductory course is meant for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Students will be introduced to the Sanskrit Devanagari alphabets and basic Sanskrit grammar required for reading simple Buddhist passages.

The focus of this course will be to familiarize students with the basic Buddhist terminologies and simple sentences in the Buddhist Sanskrit Sūtras. At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to read simple Sanskrit passages.

Timetable for 2016 Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies Programme

Herewith is the timetable for the 2016 Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (MA) Programme. Please note the following new courses are offered this year:
• Buddhist Economics Philosophy
• Buddhist Aesthetic Concepts: Analysis and Evaluation
• Buddhalogical Developments: A Study based on pre‑Mahāyāna Buddhist Literature
• Buddhist Psychotherapy

The deadline for application for the 2016 MA Programme is 29 February 2016. Occasional students are welcome.

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