Statement of Objectives 中心宗旨

Promotion and Advancement of Buddhist Studies, Education & Research

The primary objective of the Centre is to teach, promote and advance Buddhist studies. The Centre offers foundation and advanced courses, teaching modules, seminars and lectures conducted by qualified teachers and professors, as well as organizes forums, conferences and meetings for the advancement of the Buddhist studies and religion. With affiliation with overseas renowned Universities and Institutes, legally-recognised non-local higher degrees are also awarded.

Integration of Studies with Practice

In line with our Mission of integrating studies with practice, the Centre endeavours to provide meditation classes, retreats, discussion forums, and other specially designed courses to assist in the harmonising of our daily lives with the five spiritual faculties of faith, vigour, mindfulness, equipoise and wisdom.

Award of Scholarships for Needy Students

Scholarship funds, grants and/or waivers of tuition fees will be available for needy students interested and qualified in enrolment in the Centre. Such sponsorships may include provisions for basic living expenses.

Publications of Buddhist Journals and Literature

Academic and high-calibre Buddhist journals, books, and literature authored by the Centre’s teachers and professors will be published to enhance the proper and in-depth understanding of Buddhist teachings.

Translation of Buddhist Literary Texts

As a contribution, not only to the Buddhist literati in Hong Kong but elsewhere in the world, special attention will be accorded to the accurate and meticulous translation of significant Buddhist texts and important commentaries in canonical languages to English and Chinese.

Provision of Welfare Services to the Needy and Destitute

In line with Buddhist beliefs and practices to help all beings, the Centre endeavours to respond to the pressing needs of the general community including the young, the aged and even animals, for the enhancement of their general welfare, medical and living conditions.

Assistance and Collaboration with Other Charitable Organisations

The Centre will donate towards and assist in the improvement, management or superintendence of other schools, colleges, companies, temples, institutions, universities, societies or associations whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Centre.