Volume XII, 2014–2015

Journal of Buddhist Studies, Vol. XII (2014–2015). Edited by Bhikkhu K L Dhammajoti. Published by the Centre for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka and The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong. pp. 317++ ISBN 978-988-16820-1-7


Praising the Buddha: Stotras in Mahāyāna Dharmaparyāyas           1
            Peter SKILLING

Discourse Merger in the Ekottarika-āgama (2), the Parallels
      to the Kakacūpama-sutta and the Alagaddūpama-sutta              63
            Bhikkhu ANĀLAYO

The Buddha's Fathom Long Halo (Byāmappabhā) and Rays (Raṃsi):
      A Critical Survey in the Pāli Commentarial Literature                  91
            Toshiichi ENDO

Interplay of Sāṅkhya and Buddhist Ideas in the Yoga of Patañjali
      (With Special Reference to Yogasūtra and Yogabhāṣya)             107
            Pradeep GOKHALE

Translations or Adaptations?
      Chinese Hybrid Translations of Vinaya Texts                               123
            Bhikkhu ÑĀṆATUSITA

Remarks about Kumārajīva and his Work                                           187
            Charles WILLEMEN

With and Without Titles in Sanskrit:
      Indo-Tibetan Pure Land Texts in the Kangyur                              195
            Georgios T. HALKIAS

Middle Way Eclecticism: The Text-Critical Method
      of the Dhammachai Tipiṭaka Project                                              207
            G.A. SOMARATNE

The Historical Buddha: A Personality Analysis                                  241
            GUANG XING

Cāṇakyanīti-Pāli (CnP): A Pāli Translation of Sanskrit
      Cāṇakya-sāra-saṃgraha                                                                  275
            Ujjwal KUMAR

The nirvedhabhāgīya-s as preparation for the realization of Truth
      The Abhidharma and early Yogācāra perspectives                      299
            KL DHAMMAJOTI