Volume X, 2012

Journal of the Centre for Buddhist Studies Sri Lanka, V10, 2012
ISSN 1391-8443


  • Michael Hahn, “Mnyam dka(r) and Dharmakīrti’s Praise of the Buddha’s Nirvāṇa: Miscellanea Etymologica Tibetica. IX.” 1
  • Peter Skilling, “All Buddhas Venerate the Dhamma: Recontextualizations of the Uruvela-sutta in 14th-15th-century Southeast Asia.” 21
  • Toshiichi Endo, “Transformation of Buddhism in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s Contribution to the Buddha-concept in the Pāli Commentaries.” 33
  • Charles Willemen, “Mahīśāsaka and Theravada – Some Answers?” 49
  • Y. Karunadasa, “How Early Buddhism Understands the Mind-Body Relationship.” 61
  • Anālayo, “The Tale of King Nimi in the Ekottarika-āgama.” 69
  • Pradeep P. Gokhale, “Ācārya-Vasubandhu’s Theory of Three Natures: A Fresh Study.” 95
  • Mahesh A. Deokar, “Understanding Māgadhī: The Pure Speech of the Buddha.” 119
  • Lata Mahesh Deokar, “Subhūticandra: A Forgotten Scholar of Magadha.” 137
  • Guang Xing, “Buddhist Impact on Chinese Language.” 155
  • Ananda W.P. Guruge, “Dharma to Dhamma as Indicative of the Vision and Mission of the Buddha.” 177
  • KL Dhammajoti, “Abhidharma Debates on the Nature of the Objects of Sensory Perception.” 203