The Way to obtain Benefits through Practice of Buddhism - Public Talk by Ven. Prof. N. Gnanaratana Thero

It is recorded that at the end of Buddha's first sermon, many beings including five ascetics had been able to realise the truth. This indicates that even the first sermon was enough to get the final result of practicing Buddhism. Today, many people spend thousands of hours in reading books and listening to sermons but seem to achieve no intended advancement. This talk discusses what is wrong and shows guidance for right practice.


二零一九/二零年度文學碩士 (佛學) (中文媒介) 及 巴利文暨佛學文憑 (中文媒介) 第二次簡介會


日期: 二零一九年七月二十七日 (星期六)
時間: 下午三時正至五時正
地點: 香港佛法中心
香港德輔道西四百一十號太平洋廣場二十八樓 (近香港大學港鐵站B2出口)
語言: 粵語
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學術研究方向 : 絲路佛教石窟藝術、敦煌佛教藝術與文化、敦煌與吐魯番佛教寫經書法研究。


Introducing Pāli (July - September 2019)

Introducing Pāli

This is an elementary Pāli course for anyone who is interested in learning the ancient Buddhist language. It is a course designed for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Students will learn basic Pāli grammar, and be guided in understanding some simple Pāli texts. At the end of the course, students will be able to read some simple Pāli texts.

This course provides a solid foundation for MABS 67 Readings in Pali Suttas I & II in the Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies programme.

Date:        24 July – 9 October 2019 (Every Wednesday)

Introducing Buddhist Sanskrit (Jul - Sep 2019)

This introductory course is meant for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Students will be introduced to the Sanskrit Devanagari alphabets and basic Sanskrit grammar required for reading simple Buddhist passages. The focus of this course will be to familiarize students with the basic Buddhist terminologies and simple sentences in the Buddhist Sanskrit Sūtras. At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to read simple Sanskrit passages. This course serves as a good preparation for the Reading Buddhist Sanskrit Texts I & II (ME 68) in the Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies programme.

二零一九/二零年度巴利文暨佛學文憑 (中文媒介) 入學招生 (附第一次簡介會詳情)




學位頒授: 斯里蘭卡凱拉尼亞大學
課程主辦: 香港佛法中心
開課日期: 二零一九年八月十八日
學制: 全日制(一年)/兼讀制(兩年)/單科選讀(非正規)生
課程總監: 法光法師/教授
查詢: +852 2673 0001 /